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Aden: Terrorist attack on security belt forces

Al-Sabah Al-Yemeni | Special source |

An armed members believed to be from al-Qaida attacked a security point of the security belt in the military area in Yafea Friday evening. Local sources reported that the attackers clashed with the forces of the point for two hours, killing Mohammed Abdullah Omar and eight wounded in the attack Which was backed by other gunmen before the security forces could take control of the situation after two hours of clashes during which one of the patrols turned point and wounded a number of soldiers were aboard.

A military source for Al-Sabah Al-Yemeni in Aden, confirmed that the Security forces have controlled of the situation and captured three terrorist elements and seized their car. The attackers admitted during the investigation that they were planning to assassinate Commander Salim al-Naqib in the same area.

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