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As the world meets for Yemen, hundreds of Yemenis Stuck in Djibouti port

A well known source confirmed to Al-Sabah Al-Yemeni, that about two hundred Yemeni passengers have left the port of Aden on a passenger ship, officially and legally, heading to Djibouti and other parts of the world. However, as soon as they arrived in Djibouti, the ship stopped near an island far away from the port. The source confirmed that the ship arrived in Djibouti this morning, but the ship is still far from the port and passengers were not allowed to leave to complete their journey to their destination.

The source confirmed that among the passengers are women and children who suffer from diseases that require treatment, because of this they traveled to receive treatment abroad, but none of the officials at the port paid attention to the humanitarian conditions. It is not the first time that Yemenis traveling through Djibouti have been treated in such a disgraceful manner, violating international laws and customs. What is surprising about this is the negative attitude of the legitimacy government of Yemen toward these humiliating actions against Yemenis in many of the world’s ports and airports.

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