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Commander of the Sixth Military Region, injured In a rocket attack in Al Jouf

Reliable sources confirmed to alsabah alyemeni, that Brigadier General Amin al-Waeli, Commander of the Sixth Military Region,was injured In a rocket attack carried out by the army and the Popular Committees on a gathering of Hadi’s forces in the government compound in Al-Hazm province, capital of Al-Jouf province.

The military and popular forces destroyed a military vehicle belonging to Saudi loyalists in Khab and al-Sha’af district of Jawf province, a military official said on Sunday. The vehicle was targeted by a guided missile in al-Khalifin area, the official said, adding the vehicle’s crew members were all killed in the operation. Earlier, the national forces managed to destroy two military vehicles of the saudi loyalists in al-Motoon district.

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