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Demonstrations in Radfan in support of Zubaidi and reject Hadi’s decision

Al-Sabah Al-Yemeni | special |

Hundreds of citizens demonstrated today in the city of Habilain, the largest city of Radfan south of the country, in solidarity with Major General Idruss al-Zubaidi, rejecting the dismissal decision from office. The protesters marched through the streets of the city waving flags of the south and raising  pictures of Major General Zubaidi. The demonstrators confirmed their stand alongside with Al-Zubaidi and his administration. The participants also issued a political statement on the martyr’s platform, in which they stressed the need to support with Major General Zubaidi.

In their turn, the Arab South Association Party condemned the dismissal of the former governor of Aden, and declared their full solidarity with him. A statement issued by the party said that the governor and his companion Shalal Shaya, who had received the province of Aden, were passing through the streets and were able to provide security and tranquility to the citizens, despite the obstacles set by the parties of legitimacy and those who responsible to obstruct them , but they were a model for the citizen and responsible loyalist. The statement said.

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