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Europeans forgetting about Yemen famine because they don’t feel it affects them, NGO director warns

Europeans have forgotten about the growing humanitarian crisis in Yemen because they don’t feel like the conflict affects them, an NGO director working in the country has told The Independent.

Giorgio Trombatore, Yemen country director for the International Medical Corps, said the famine fails to get the same attention as the armed conflicts across the Middle East, particularly Syria.
“I think one of the reasons might be the fact people are not directly reaching European seashores,” Mr Trombatore said. “It seems more disconnected from what is happening in Europe.

“Half the country is now suffering from food insecurity and malnutrition, and this is something that could have been prevented.”
A recent YouGov poll found only 49 per cent of the British public knew of Yemen’s ongoing civil war, a figure that was even lower in the 18 to 24 age group, where only 37 per cent were aware of the conflict.
Mr Trombatore told The Independent the famine situation is getting worse and there is currently little hope for improvement.
“I expect the situation to deteriorate more,” Mr Trombatore he said. “People here are coping with massive problems.
“The war is still ongoing. The bombing is still going on. There’s a shortage of food and medication.”

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