In the third year of war , the steadfastness continues in yemen despite siege and famine


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Despite the passage of two years since the beginning of war on Houthi and Saleh alliance, the war claimed the lives of more than 7,400 citizens and more than 40,000 wounded, and did not achieve its stated goals on the tongue of Major General Ahmad Asiri.

Saudi Arabia, which allied with more than 17 countries, including America and Britain, to eliminate the alliance of Houthis with Saleh and restore the legitimacy of the President Abdu Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who completed his term in rule to Sanaa, failed to achieve its objectives. Its alliance and air strikes on land, sea and air, only led them to destruct Yemen’s infrastructure. According to UN statistics, at least 7,400 people, including 1,500, were killed and at least 40,000 were injured, That’s mean , 100 people are dead daily in Yemen, These are the victims of the intensive aerial bombardment launch by the jets of Saudi Arabia and its alliance that have not stopped for a single day during the past two years.

The famine includes many of Yemen’s provinces and the bombing destroys more than 412 health centers

Two years after the start of Hazm storm, the economic situation has deteriorated to the level that led seven Yemeni provinces to the brink of famine. The Ministry of Health from Sanaa said that, the coalition aircraft destroyed over the past two years, more than 412 health centers and hospital in either completely or in part.

The most deadly air attacks in the two years

The coalition aircraft on the eighth of October last year targeted a condolence hall in the capital Sanaa, killing and wounding more than 700 people, and early in 2015 the coalition air jets killed at least 29 displaced people when they targeted a dairy factory near Hodeidah province . Sixty citizens were also killed in the city of Zabid, and 70 people were killed in a market in Ahem triangle. the air raids targeted a farm in Dhamar governorate, killing and injuring more than 100 people, as well as 25 prisoners were killed by the Saudi aircraft bomb to the prison of Abs city , And a horrific massacre in the province of Arhab in Sanaa, when the Saudi coalition aircraft bombed a condolence council for women. Prior to that, a school in Naham district was targeted and the bodies of students were cutoff everywhere in the elementary school. Saudi Arabia has acknowledged its error in some of these massacres and has claimed responsibility for it, and denied many of them. A war in which Saudi Arabia did not care on the usage of all kinds of prohibited and non-prohibited weapons. General Asiri openly declared that, the use of internationally prohibited cluster bombs are not prohibited and may be used.

The missile forces lunch its rockets on Saudi military sites

Yemeni missile force has developed the explosive force of its old Russian missiles and the extent of their arrival, as it sent many of its missiles to Saudi military positions, the latest of which was the launch of three rockets in one time, targeting the King Khalid air base in Khamis Mushait, Before that, a rocket arrived at King Salman air base in Riyadh, according to the official spokesman of Yemen army, Sharaf Lukman. These missiles have increased the Saudi alliance fears after the arrival of Yemen missiles to places in the Kingdom were not expected to be reached. More than a month after the start of the war, Major General al-Asiri announced the elimination of all ballistic missiles in Yemen, and then the world surprised not only by Russian ballistic missiles developed in Yemen, but also by UAVs made in Yemen bombed Saudi military sites. Air defense with rocket systems have been able to shoot down many of the modern F16 and Apache aircraft. As a result, of risks on Saudi and foreign pilots the Saudi Arabia has increased their salary by 60% to continue their operations in Yemen.

Trump in the front line in Yemen

A clear confusion in the performance of Saudi alliance at all of military and political levels, led the Prince Mohammed bin Salman to speed up the international mobilization and costly visits, The most recent visit was the visit of Mohammed bin Salman to the United States in order to ask help from the new US President Donald Trump, and to occupy the port of Hodeidah in the north, the only maritime port that more than 17 million Yemenis get benefit from it. That’s led the UN to warn of this disastrous step on the humanitarian level, In spite of these warnings, the media maneuvers began and if it implemented, the impact on Saudi Arabia would be more serious than in Yemen, according to many analysts.

Economic crisis in Saudi Arabia

The cost of war drove the kingdom to take many austerity measures, which cast its shadows on the Saudi citizen who bears the burden of war on Yemen. Tax and customs duties were deducted, they have deducted the salaries of employees, and sold some of its oil companies, even it went to borrow from other countries to deal with this crisis, but it has not yet been able to address the deteriorating economic situation.

Yemenis decide to stand up facing the alliance until victory or death with honor

Yemeni crowds went out to the square of Sabaeen to commemorate the two years of steadfastness in the face of Saudi alliance and they emphasis on continuing their steadfastness Until the last drop of blood, whether the coalition progress or delayed.

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