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‘March for bread’ protesters reach key Yemen port

The protesters reached the Red Sea city of Hodeida on Tuesday, ending a week-long march from the capital to demand the port to be declared a humanitarian zone. Some 25 protesters made the 225-kilometer 140-mile walk, dubbed the “march for bread”, to call for unrestricted aid deliveries to Yemen.

Protesters waved flags emblazoned with loaves of bread and chanted slogans demanding the port be spared in the war.” Hodeida port has nothing to do with war. Let them fight anywhere, but leave the port alone. The port is for our women, children, our old people,” said protester Ali Mohammed Yahya, who walked for six days from Sana’a to Hodeida.

Rights group Amnesty International on Tuesday warned a military offensive “would be devastating far beyond Hodeidah since the city’s port is a crucial access point for lifesaving international aid”.

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