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.The killing of Sheikh Osman Majali and Ali Hamid al – Qashibi because of bombing of Al – Khadra’a Saudi access by Alqaher M2

A special source told Al-Sabah Al- Yemeni, on the killing of six Saudi intelligence officers, including Vice-President of the Saudi intelligence Yousef al-Idrisi, who appointed Major General Ahmad Asiri as his successor.

The sources also confirmed the killing of Sheikh Osman Majali and the son of Major General Hamid al-Qashibi Ali Hamid al-Qashibi, as a result of the ballistic strike that targeted them two days ago when they were waiting to meet Maj. Gen. Ali Mohsen and Sheikh Sultan Al-Aradah in Al-Khadra access.

The sources also reported the killing of: Musleh bin Lokita, Yahya Muqeet, Yusuf Dahbash and Ben Tarshan. It is worth mentioning that a meeting had been prepared in order to gather the victims with Ali Mohsen, Sultan al-Arada and Fahd bin Turki at 10:00 o’clock , and after a half-hour communications has Interrupted from the area , the balstic rocket arrived at 10 and 13 minutes to eliminate all those who were there.

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