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Russia Warns Against Assault on Main Yemeni Port

Russian officials on Tuesday warned against an attack by Saudi-led coalition forces on the Houthis-held Yemeni port of Hodeidah, the aid lifeline for a country where millions of people are in desperate need of food.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov told in the conference organized by UN in Genève, that Russia could not accept what he called a blockade.

“There are also worrying rumors about an assault on Hodeidah and then a move to on Sanaa, this is something we cannot allow to happen,” he said. Gatilov called for a resumption of U.N-sponsored peace talks, which have been stalled for months.

On his part, David Beasley, executive director of the U.N. World Food Programme Said, “Across Yemen, hunger and malnutrition have reached unprecedented levels and the threat of famine looms large. The country is on the brink of catastrophe. Adding that, any disruption to the port would gravely hamper efforts to prevent famine.

Source : US News

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