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Three of Hadi’s associates have been sanctioned for their ties to al Qaeda

According to US WEEK News , At least three of Hadi’s associates have been sanctioned by the US Treasury Department in recent years for their ties to al Qaeda, making them “Specially Designated Global Terrorists.” The first is Nayif al-Qaysi, a Hadi-appointed governor of al-Bayda. He is described by the Treasury Department and the UN as a senior AQAP official and financier. He used his official position in al-Bayda to help AQAP expand there and distributed money and arms to the group, according to the Treasury Department.

 Second is Abdul Wahab Al-Homayqani, head of the al-Rashad party, Yemen’s most prominent Salafi political party. He is an advisor to Hadi, and served as a member of his official delegation to a previous round of peace talks in Geneva. The Treasury Department says he is an important member of AQAP who has “facilitated financial transfers from AQAP supporters in Saudi Arabia to Yemen in support of AQAP operations.”

Third, Al-Hasan Ali Abkar is a pro-Hadi government militia commander in Jawf province. In this capacity, he is believed to receive government and coalition funds. The Treasury Department accuses him of providing “money, weapons, and ammunition to AQAP forces,” which Abkar denies.

In addition, in his testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Joscelyn, who tracks AQAP closely for the Long War Journal, highlighted the role of Shaykh Abd-al-Majid al-Zindani, who has been designated by Treasury as a terrorist because of his support of AQAP, but who also “maintains friendly relations with the Saudis.” His influence and his network have become more valuable.

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