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Ansar Allah and GPC party are in one trench, ” addressing the aggression”

The spokesperson of AnsarAllah movement, Mohammed Abdul Salam said that, Saudi Arabia is demanding the United States to participate heavily in the battle of Hodeidah, and so far has not authorized it. He revealed in an interview conducted by Al-Masirah channel, that the movement does not carry a project to avenge those who fought them before, In reference to Saleh’s regime, which fought them for six wars in Saada. He added: “Who was fighting us in the wars of Saada, came to us and we opened a new page, and they are now at the forefront in confronting the aggression on Yemen.

Abdel Salam indicated during the meeting that, United States is instructing to some countries to fight Islah party in Yemen. After being used, in a reference to the United Arab Emirates, which is fighting the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, the main ally of Saudi Arabia. The meeting also tackled the emergence of Ansar Allah and its goals.

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