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Yemen embassy objects on hosting two Yemeni activists support Houthi and Former President in congress

 Yemen Embassy in Washington sent an e-mail to members of US Congress , reporting their objection on hosting two Yemeni civil society activists, as they Said that they are supporters for Houthi group and former President Saleh. The two activist Radhya Almutawakel, who leads a human rights organization focused on Yemen , and Samaa al-Hamdani, an analyst writing about Yemeni politics and women’s issues, were present in the congress last Thursday, to discuss around the situation in Yemen and the role can be played by United States for peace in Yemen.

The message stated that the event was organized by an American organization and was held in a sub-hall specialized for listening to activists and viewpoints. The event was attended by a number of Yemeni and American activists.

The memo warned Senate aides that participants in the event had a political “agenda” tied to Iran-backed Houthi group battling the government of President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi. It added, “Does the U.S. Senate really want to host an event with figures had ties or political sympathies to factions that harbor such sentiments?

The letter also said that the US Senate does not have the right to host a group of pro-houthi speakers or supporters of former president ali saleh. 


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