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Marib: Recruits demonstrations escalate and demand legitimacy to leave

Hundreds of officers and soldiers loyal to President Hadi, continue to demonstrate in the city of Marib, to protest the payment delay of their salaries for more than five months. According to local sources, the demonstrators chanted slogans demanding the departure of legitimacy ministers of Marib, headed by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Civil Service Abdulaziz Jabari and Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. al-Maqdashi. The sources confirmed that the recruits tried to break into the Republican Palace in the city, what led the guarding of palace to disperse them by force. A military source in the third military region has reported to the “Arab” website, that «the corruption of officials and military leaders has reached an end and it  cannot be tolerated»  Pointing out that «the officials of President Hadi’s team abandoned on follow-up combat fronts and resort to looting and corruption» . Warning that «the protests may turn into clashes and violence and explode the situation in Marib».

Hundreds of Hadi’s recruits are demonstrating in front of the presidential palace on a daily basis, to denounce the corruption of the region’s leadership and the looting of soldiers salaries. This prevailed the questions about the fate of the huge sums of Saudi Arabia spends monthly under the name of salaries, to the leadership of local authority in Marib governorate. “The leadership of legitimacy” in Marib left its duties in fighting Houthis and engaged in sharing the salaries of recruits and looting their rights, seeking for a quick rich, even at the expense of soldiers those who are being sacrificed to take their rights, soldiers said to Al-Sabah Al-Yemeni.The press reports have published files and reports prove the involvement of Marib civilian and military leadership on charges of financial corruption.

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