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Saudi drone downed in Midi Desert

Al-Sabah Al-Yemeni

Saudi Arabia suffers new losses in its ongoing war on neighboring Yemen, with a spy drone shot down and more troops and loyalties killed by Houthi fighters.

A military source said Yemeni army soldiers and allied Houthi fighters downed a Saudi drone in Midi Desert in the northwestern Hajjah Province on Sunday. Yemeni fighters also foiled an attempt by Saudi loyalties to infiltrate into a military base in Dhale Province.

Separately, Sudan’s army spokesperson Ahmed Khalifa al-Shami said two of the African country’s troops were killed and several others injured in Yemen. On Saturday, Yemeni army snipers shot dead two Saudi soldiers in two separate military bases in the kingdom’s southern Najran region. Additionally, a unit of the Yemeni military targeted a place of gathering for Saudi loyalties in Midi Desert.

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