US Senate committee passes bill to impose new sanctions on Iran


Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani called on Saturday for improved relations with Gulf Arab countries during a telephone call with the emir of Qatar, which has come under fire from its Gulf neighbors over its relationship with Tehran. Iran and the Gulf Arab states are backing opposing sides in the Syrian and Yemen conflicts. Peace in the Middle East could only be possible with Iran at the table, Rouhani said.

The Supreme Leader’s comments come a week after President Donald Trump signed a $110 billion weapons deal with Saudi Arabia during his visit to the kingdom. When they attacked Iraq, they made a mistake. “In Syria, they made mistakes, and also in Yemen”.

Maybe they think they need to buy arms but we do not need to buy arms, we make them. His comments followed fierce criticism from the U.S. president during visits to Saudi Arabia and Israel. Moreover, the problem with pretending that Iranians had a real choice in the election Friday, Lake observed, “it leads to fuzzy policies aimed at strengthening reformers and moderates, while chalking up Iran’s arrests of dual nationals or its provocations of United States of America ships to the infighting of Iran’s hardliners”. Iran, Russia and Turkey are now cooperating to restore ceasefire in order to create a calm situation for the people in Syria, he said. At a weekend summit in Riyadh, Trump accused Iran of funding and arming “terrorists, militias and other extremist groups” in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and backing President Bashar al-Assad in Syria’s civil war. Obama administration alumni will say that Rouhani’s election in 2013 was an important precondition for getting a nuclear deal. “There is no doubt in this”.

“I fear that we will be looking at war with Iran before too long as it is clear that Trump and his advisers are already completely in the Israeli and Saudi pockets on the issue”, Giraldi, a former CIA Case Officer and US Army Intelligence Officer said on Monday.

Telling allies that Iran is the source of problems “would mean that we have to start coming in and using our military power to settle scores”.

“We will not wait for them and their permission”, he said.

Rouhani further criticized the Saudi summit that Trump attended on Sunday, describing it as a “show-off” that “will not have any political and practical values”. Rouhani said that people in Saudi Arabia are there friends and they have always loved them and hoped the Saudi government to choose the right path.

“A serious, purposeful, and honest fight is needed with the unity and determination of all countries that are victimized by the extremist and Takfiri ideology of these groups”, Qassemi continued, according to Iranian state news outlet Press TV. “The “fight against terrorism” is aimed at making all the Kabuki [stylized acting] palatable for the American and world audience”, Giraldi said.

He said Iran welcomed better relations with its regional neighbors and pledged to fulfill his campaign promises of opening Iran to the world and delivering freedoms to the Iranian people.

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