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Hidden and declared goals…Yemeni file is American-western symbol on Gulf table

Al-Sabah Al-Yemeni

The United States is looking for new justifications in Yemen to intervene militarily and directly, and this military intervention is not a recourse to its allies, but this strategy comes within the framework of preserving the interests and plans of the Zionist entity.

The sectarian wars in the region and the establishment of terrorist organizations and the intimidation of Muslims with each other, is a primary objective of the sale of weapons in the region, and the purpose is:

– Reviving the US economy

– Running conflict among Muslims together to ignore the main issue that brings together the Muslims and the liberation of the occupied Palestinian.

The United States had a major project, including the change of some rulers of the Arab regimes, which succeeded in Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Tunisia and even Yemen as part of the demarcation of the map of the new Middle East.

In fact, the implementation of the demarcation of this map failed. In Syria and Iraq, the Islamic Resistance managed to destroy the agenda of the United States and Israel. The territories occupied by the Zionist entity from Syria and Lebanon were in the range of the resistance forces. In Yemen today, the Yemeni territories occupied by Saudi Arabia in 1934, where the army and the committees managed to encircle Najran and clear the Rabwah and carry out large-scale military operations that led to the storming of the Jabri camp in Jizan.

These are very dangerous indicators for the American-Zionist mastermind, so to determine the fate of the region can only be if they managed to eliminate the resistance in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.

America after the loss of an advocate in Iraq sought to provoke great strife among the popular crowd at the hands of Mohammed bin Salman, and in Syria seeks to establish new forces under the name of the Syrian Democratic Army, after it revealed Daesh and victory and Ahrar al-Sham and other factions as a terrorist industry of America.

In Yemen, the strategy is in the fight against terrorism, and the United States is reluctant to enter its military forces directly in Yemen to face the army and the committees, after the shameful failure of the coalition forces.

Whereas the Yemeni military intelligence sources said that military experts from the United States and Britain are carrying out training missions in the camps controlled by coalition forces and their paid troops.

As the same information indicates, the White House is looking for a division of Yemen and this strategy can only be achieved through US and Western military intervention in Yemeni territory.

At the end….

America is seeking to preserve its interests at any time and under any pretext, whether under the pretext of restoring the law or fighting terrorism or otherwise. The country that loses its position in Yemen will lose its position in the entire region for decades to come. The importance of Yemen lies because of its location and its being the most important points of national security. – The Gulf, and no military control of the region, “Syria, Iraq, Libya” without control of Yemen, the file is now the only file on the Gulf war table, and we are in a Gulf-led region Saudi flag, and all files postponed until the resolution in Yemen, Consolidation of Gulf – Saudi influence in Yemen.

Liberty Fighters

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