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In Your Opinion: Americans need to protest what’s happening in Yemen

The 20-month destruction of Yemen is hardly noticed in our country, but Yemen is starving. 3.3 million people are on the verge of starvation as Saudi Arabia bombards this little country already on its knees.

The United States assists this warfare by aerial refueling of Saudi bombers. Health care has nearly collapsed. Four Doctors Without Borders hospitals have been demolished, and humanitarian aid is blocked.

Jan Egeland, head of Norwegian Refugee Council,says: “The world is letting millions of people be engulfed by unprecedented famine by men with guns and power in international capitals.”

Our Constitution forbids going to war with any country that has not attacked us. The U.S. has sold the Saudis weapons worth tens of billions of dollars to support this wanton violence.

There needs to be an outcry by caring Americans to our congressmen and congresswomen to stop contributing to his unjust, shocking conflict.

The Daily Star

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